Smart Home Features 

Global Automation is committed to to providing the best value possible to our customers.With this in mind, all of the following features are included in our Smart Home Package

Remote Access

  •  Use any computer in the world, or your smart phone to view cameras, set the thermostat or turn off the alarm system.
  • Unlimited number of E-mail or SMS addresses to receive alerts for arming, disarming, alarms, troubles and more

Live Remote Video

  • Now you can be in two places at once. A live video feed is only a couple clicks away, anytime, anywhere.

Lighting Control

  • Safety and convenience. Control lights, relays or anything you want with convenient PGM control.Can also give your house the look that someone is home.

Door Lock Control

  • No more worrying that the door was left un-locked. 

Thermostat Control

  • Perfect for the cottage or for returning home from vacation. Imagine arriving to a nice warm